Audi AG sets new sales record - 1,302,650 Audi cars were sold during 2011

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Audi Showroom
For the last 105 years, Audi is on its way to achieve perfection through its technology and in this journey Audi is achieving milestones after milestones. yeah, You heard it right.
Audi AG sold over 1,302,650 units in 2011 which comes out to be 210,200 units more than previous year.  The brand has marked its strong impression worldwide, mainly in China, Europe, USA,Brazil, India etc.

China, the most populous country of the world, became the biggest market for Audi as 313,306 Audi cars were sold / delivered during 2011 and accounted for a 34% growth in China's Automotive Market. Audi's biggest assembling facility in Europe and the world i.e Audi Ingolstadt manufacturing facility sold over 726,300 cars which accounted for a growth of 12.1%. Audi set new sales record in more than 50 markets in the world.
Audi Showroom
According to Peter Schwarzenbauer (Audi Ag Board Member for Marketing and Sales), throughout the history, 2011 was an unprecedented year for Audi. He stated that this growth is mainly because of high demands of new and refined models. People are mainly attracted by the launch of next generation Audi A6, Audi A7 and Audi A8 in their respective classes. From the report it was clear that one out of every four customers in USA opted for a full - size model.
Audi gained a huge growth in United States too by selling 117,561 vehicles which has been a 15.7% advancement as compared to the year 2010.
Audi forum / manufacturing facility Ingolstadt
Sale of full-size Audi cars is not limited to USA only. Worldwide,also, full sized audi models played a key role to boost the Audi's growth. The all new Audi A6 was one such popular vehicle which was loved throughout the world and its delivery accounted for 12.2 % (229,200) of the total sale. Its Avant model gained a huge success in Europe.
The bold and most Awarded car of 2011, Audi A7 Sportback attracted 31,300 customers in its
first full year. Audi's  full- length SUV, the Audi Q7 also recorded the sales growth of 21.4%
during the last year.
Audi A8 at Audi Showroom

Audi A8 at Audi Showroom

When it comes to the perfect blend of Luxury, dynamism, charisma, elegance and power, Audi A8
is such a name which comes on the tongues of millions. Audi A8, the flagship high end full-size
luxury sedan, recorded a record growth of 101+% after the launch of next generation model which
was launched at the beginning of 2010. Audi also tried to expand its model range to reach more customers so that they can have the taste of the brand.Launch of Audi A1 was such a huge step. Audi introduced A1, a compact hatchback, without compromising with luxury and comfort levels. Though, the Audi A1 was priced relatively costlier but it was able to attract 118,200 customers and it did not let them  down as it provided them with the best of Vorsprung durch Technik.
Audi Ingolstadt
Audi Sales in Europe rose to 726,300 car further strengthing its presence in Automotive market. 254,011 Audi cars were sold in Germany alone which is 10.8 % more than 2010. In Uk also, Audi recorded a growth of 15.7 % and sold 115,345 Audi cars. A rise of 18.1 % was also recorded in France during 2011 and a total of 62,009 Audi vehicles were delivered to their respective new owners.

Although Audi went through a huge challenge from its rivals in Spain and Italy, It was able to record minute growth with an overall growth of 3.4% in Spain and 0.03% in Italy. In Russia, Audi sales rose to 23,250 which was an advancement of 25.6 % as compared to sales in year 2010.
Emerging Automotives markets for Audi ie. South Korea and South Africa as Audi recorded a remarkable increase in Demand and its sales rose to 10,346 cars in South Korea (a rise of 30.9%)and 14,523 cars in South Africa (a rise of 20.4%).Audi also witnessed a growth of 46.8% in Mexico and 68.0% in Brazil.
Audi showroom, Gurgaon India
Now comes the turn of such an automotive market where Audi recorded the highest sales growth. yeah, I am talking about India. You got it right. Audi India sold 5,511 cars in 2011 alone which is 83.5% more than previous year. Audi India head, Michael Perschke said at the 11th Auto expo conducted at Pragati Maidan New Delhi India that Audi is getting huge response in India, within four years of its arrival in India, Audi made it cleared through the sales records that by 2015, it will leave behind BMW and by 2020, It will be the no.1 luxury car brand in India by beating Mercedes.


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