World's Fastest Audi ever : The Audi S4 with a top speed of 242.2 MPH

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World's fastest Audi Ever

 Yeah you herd it right. The Audi S4 is the fastest Audi ever with a speed record of 242.2 MPH(390 KMH). And again you will be surprised to know that it is 1992 Audi S4. OMG!!! But it istrue. If you don't believe it watch the video ( or Google it out. Well well well, No need to Google it as i will tell you everything about it.

Recently a die hard Audi Enthusiast named Jeff Gerner had an unbelievable 242 MPH run at Bonneville in 1992 Audi S4. When the reporters asked Jeff Grener that why did he choose 1992Audi S4? He told them that he has a black 1994 Audi S4 that has been upgraded / tuned with some changes in engine and suspension. This car was able to achieve a top speed of 160 MPH and he was surprised to experience the stability and outstanding coefficient of drag of 1994 Audi S4. He also found the Autobahn tuned body shaped and quite long wheel base really helpful in car's amazing stability.

Also, the 20V turbo 5 cylinder engine under the hood of that Audi S4 was like more than a boon.
This engine has been the single greatest racing engine in the Audi's past until the R series of
Le Mans cars came out. One more amazing thing that I would like to also share is that, Audi was
kicked out of SCCA Trans Am and IMSA GTO class entries just because the Audi's engine was
unbeatable and rest of the car manufacturers were going to quit. Is not that cool?
Let's get back to the business.

Jeff also told the reporters that he spent countless hours in preparing 1992 Audi S4 for this record. He tuned this car with compatible and efficient upgrades. His main aim was to make the car stable at that much speed so he did his best and worked out hard with the suspension of
this very car (1992 Audi S4). And At last the 1992 Audi S4 was able to deliver  1100 crankshaft
horsepower and 962 wheel horsepower. Also, 812 Nm of torque at the wheels was amazing. This car was tuned in ways to beat several physical conditions like pressure, temperature, wind force
All in all the 1992 Audi S4 turned out to be the unbeatable and could achieve:
130 MPH - 3rd Gear
180 MPH - 4th Gear
232 MPH - 5th Gear
Top speed 242.2 MPH

 It might be a good news for All Audi Enthusiast that World's fastest Audi is 1992 S4 with a top speed record of 242.4 MPH.

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