Audi bought Ducati for £708 million ($1.2 billion)

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Audi + Ducati
Audi + Ducati
 Yeah. It is true and i think, it is a quite cool news for Audi enthusiasts. Audi bought the Italian super bike tycoon, Ducati for $1.2 billion Now, people will get Super cars and super bikes under one roof. but the plan is that Ducati will not be lost. The brand will still retain its name Ducati (just like Lamborghini) but the change is that it will turn out to be the wholly owned subsidiary of Audi AG.

AUDI bought Ducati
AUDI bought Ducati
It seems quite shocking that Audi has paid such a huge amount ($1.2 billion) for the brand that does not even worth the half of it. But it was not the profit or money, it was the image and class of Ducati that attracted Audi. Critics are saying that this deal is more like a funny one because it will not have any impact on brand Audi. But Audi AG has got somewhat in its mind  and that is still to be known.

As we all know that Audi has outranked Mercedes-Benz to be the No.2 luxury automotive brand. Now, Audi is all set to achieve the #1 by 2015 and for that it want to outrank BMW in all possible ways. BMW manufactures motor bikes  as well as luxury cars and that sets it apart from the brand Audi AG but now as the Audi has got the power and muscles of Ducati, it has got nothing to fear about. Although, it will not have impact on sales graph of Audi AG as only 40,000 Ducatis are produced annually but it will surely have some impact on brand value of Audi AG. We all know that $1.2 billion does not matter for a brand like Audi but Audi wants the people to taste luxury in a all possible way, whether it is a luxury car or SUV or Super car or super bike.

It has been rumored that Audi Ag will invest a whole lot of money in Ducati to boost the brand. Even at the worst, this deal is unlikely to harm Audi AG in any way.
All in all, the deal seems quite favorable and Audi still has got a lot to achieve.

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Audi bought Ducati £708 million ($1.2 billion)


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