Audi A6 Avant Photoshoot by Gunter Stachon

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Phantom Black Audi A6 Avant
Within no time, Gunter Stachon earned huge amount of praise though his Audi biased photography. His portfolio mainly covers Audi lineup. From the RS3 to R8 GT Spyder, Gunter Stachon captured almost all Audi car models in his camera. He did really incredible job by glorifying worlds most beautiful cars. Recently, He took sharp and clean shots of All new Black Audi A6 Avant. Audi A6 Avant is one of the most beautiful wagon referred by European car enthusiasts. It is because of the fact that Audi A6 avant does not compromise with Power, beauty and space. If you are looking for a car that can be your soul on a weekend trip, then Audi A6 Avant is the ultimate option.
Enjoy the beautiful galleries of Audi A6 Avant Black Edition.

Phantom Black Audi A6 Avant

Phantom Black Audi A6 Avant

Phantom Black Audi A6 Avant
Images by Gunter Stachon
 © 2012
The World of Audi
|Audi A6 Avant Photoshoot by Gunter Stachon|

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