Top 15 Reasons to buy an Audi

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Audi, the name which you are much aware of, is not just a mere name. Audi is passion for some people and fire for others. The tagline, "Vorsprung durch Technik" means "Progress Through Technology" and Audi is keeping this spirit up from the very beginning. At Audi, Determination to achieve perfection matters the most. This German Automobile company has given new dimensions to luxury automotive market.Audi is celebrating its 102 years of glory in Automotive Arena.

Do you want a reason to Buy an Audi? Ha ha ha, I have millions of reasons to give but I will give you the top 15.
Here are they:

Professional Technical team checking an Audi

1. At Audi, Every Single car is created with so much enthusiasm and perfection. A most experienced technical team of more than 40 members scrutinize every car after assembling process for any fault, scratch etc. and if they found even a mm. of difference or even the smallest scratch, the car is rejected and sent back for further improvement.

Audi being tested on road

2. More than 2.5 million test kms a year is done by every Audi model to check what kind of difficulties can an Audi face?

Audi Being tested in Snow

3. Audi cars are tested in all terrains, roads, seasons (from scorching heat to freezing snowstorms).

Wind and rain test on Audi

4. All Audi car have been rated 5 stars for their safety and comfort.All Audi cars are made up of next generation redefined Aluminum structure that can withstand bad crashes, rollovers, side impacts, torrential rains, wind with a speed of more than 350 km/hr etc. ASF (Audi Space Frame) is the best platform for a car.
Audi Coated with salt in 100% humidity

5. An Audi car goes through such a process in which Salt gets attached to all its surface under 100% humidity which adds 12 years to that very car within 19 weeks.

Engineer performing noise reduction tests on Audi

6. All parts are assembled in such a way  that there are no irritating noises, also the engine is much less noisier.

Perfection till 10th of a millimeter

7. Every seem and gap is precise to 10th of a millimeter.

Leather used in Audi withstanding fire test

8. Leather which is used for interiors of an Audi is better than any other leather which can withstand 45 different tests.

Feathers for immaculate Paintwork

9. Feathers from Australia's biggest birds are used to ensure immaculate paintwork.

Orthotic Corrosion protection at Audi India
10. Orthotic Corrosion protection for lifetime protection from corrosion.

Hi speed Rotary Atomizers at Audi For Paint work
 11. Hi Speed Rotary atomizers are used for paint jobs which are 110% precise (100 micrometers).
Audi A8 w12 FSI engine

12. Audi cars are equipped with TFSI (FSI) and TDI engines which are best in their class. Audi engines are perfect blend of Power and Efficiency.

Audi Quattro - Four Wheel Drive

13. Audi Quattro (Four wheel Drive technology) is unbeatable and the best for last 30 years.

Audi Interiors and MMI

14. Audi MMI (Multimedia Interface) has been described as the Best in car navigation and Interface.

100 years of Audi

15. And Above all, 102 years of  Experience and an unwavering  determination to achieve perfection in Automotive industry make Audi better than any other automotive giant.


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Audi Space Frame
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engineers checking Audi
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